Study In Canada for Pakistani Students

Canada has become one of the most sought after countries for higher education not only because of its quality of education but also the lowest rate of racial abuse. Pakistani students aspiring to study abroad mostly prefer to study in Canada due to the latter reason. Canada not only provides the best career opportunities but also quality living standards to international students applying for study in Canada.

Here’s a guide that will cover topics like:

  • Why study in Canada
  • Scholarships for Pakistani students
  • Visa process for students applying for universities in Canada
  • Career opportunities for international students in Canada.

Why To Study In Canada:

Canada has been considered the safest country with a low crime rate and has consistently been ranked number 1 for quality of education around the globe. Besides education, the cultural diversity, welcoming community, wide-open spaces, well-developed cities, wildlife and clean environment are some of the perks that makes Canada the favorable choice of the students studying abroad.

These are some of the top reasons to study in Canada:

  • Learn from the best educators:

Canadian education system from elementary to higher level has the best educators in the world. They bring a diverse perspective to the classroom and enhance the analytical and problem-solving skills of the students.

  • Warm and Friendly Culture:

The Canadian people are known to be highly tolerant and respectful towards other ethnicities thus embrace cultural diversity in a true sense. They are warm and friendly and will make you feel at home.

  • Top Ranking in Quality of Life:

Canadians and international students enjoy a high quality of life equally including health, educational and legal services.

  • Affordable Education:

Canada is known for having some of the lowest university tuition fees among English-speaking countries. Whatever your budget maybe, you’ll find something just right for you in our diverse range of education options.

  • Promising Future Opportunities:

Canadian universities position their students for rewarding careers and equip them to fully adapt to a competitive work environment.  In the last decade alone, Canada created 1.6 million new jobs for graduates.

Scholarships For Pakistani Students In Canada:

 Getting a scholarship in Canada can be a challenging process as the eligibility criteria are quite high and require distinguishing academic excellence. Those keen to study in Canada but in need of financial support, they can avail a number of scholarships provided by the Canadian government, individual Canadian universities, and other organizations.

Visa Process For Pakistani Students Applying For Canadian Universities:

Admission and visa processes are usually challenging in nature. It is a life-changing opportunity so it is suggested to contact a professional consulting firm who can guide you through their trained mentors. Following are the steps for Visa processing:

  1. Meet the consulting firm
  2. Register with the firm
  3. Apply for Admission
  4. Receive an offer letter
  5. Organize funds
  6. Pay tuition fee
  7. Issuance of unconditional visa letter
  8. Visa lodgement
  9. Undertake medical
  10. Visa decision

Career Opportunities For International Students In Canada:

You can work as a student as well as after graduation keeping Canadian work regulations in considerations.

  1. Work Regulations For On-Campus Work
  • You can work on-campus only after the start of your studies
  • You can work on-campus only if your study permit includes a condition that says you can work on or off-campus
  1. Work Regulations For On-Campus Work
  • You can work on-campus only after the start of your studies
  • You can work on-campus only if your study permit includes a condition that says you can work on or off-campus
  1. Work Regulations For Work After Graduation
  • You might be able to work full-time after graduation in Canada. These are the two main scenarios in which this is possible:
  • BEFORE your study permit expires, you apply for a work permit or a post-graduation work permit (PGWP)
  • You enroll in a new study program at a DLI; if your university isn’t a designated learning institution, you won’t be able to work

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