PSW: Post-Study Work Visa for Pakistani Student

Planning to work in the UK after graduation? Commencing in July 2021, international students can work in the UK for up to 2 years after graduation (3 years for PhD graduates). It is also known as the Graduate Immigration Route for many. Under PSW, students don’t need to be sponsored by any third party or employer to stay in the UK. PSW provides valuable work experience to enhance their resumes and potentially lead to permanent residency opportunities in the UK. Career advisors like ABN Overseas are the officially recognized UK student visa consultants in Pakistan, providing one-stop-shop solutions to students. 

Once you have a suitable job in the UK, you’ll have the prospect to shift to a skilled work route and stay in the UK after two or three years of PSW.

How Much Does PSW Cost?

If you plan to apply for your UK post-study work visa, you must pay a one-time application fee of 822 GBP and an Immigration Health Surcharge totaling 1035 GBP per annum. As of February 2024, the IHS has been increased to 1035 GBP per annum. 

Key Features Of PSW

No Financial Sponsor

The PSW visa does not require an employment offer from an employer. This allows graduates to discover diverse employment opportunities without the stress of direct sponsorship.

Work in Diverse Field:

Graduates can work in any role or skill level, giving them a chance to gain experience in their chosen field or explore new career paths.

Impact on Future Visa Applications:

Time spent in the UK under the PSW Visa can benefit those looking to transition to other visa categories, like the Skilled Worker Visa.


Under the points-based immigration system, international students are required to achieve 70 points to qualify for a UK post-study work visa. These points are allocated based on the successful completion of their prior course. Below are the points that are a must for every international student for their PSW. 

  • Must hold a valid student visa when making an application for PSW. 
  • Successful completion of degree at undergraduate level or above
  • Was not previously granted PSW
  • They stayed physically in the UK during their studies. 
  • Clear all security and criminality checks of UKVI
  • Pay application fee & HIS
  • Your education provider in the UK has informed the Home Office about your course completion
  • You are in the UK


The Graduate Route allows students to stay in the UK for a maximum of two years after completing their studies. This period is not extendable, and it starts from the date of graduation.

Work Rights:

During the two-year period, graduates can work at any skill level and in any role, including self-employment. There are no restrictions on the type of work they can undertake.

Job Searching:

Graduates do not need a job offer to apply for the Graduate Route. They can stay in the UK and search for employment during the validity of their visa.

Switching Visas:

If a graduate finds a job during the two-year period that meets the requirements of another UK visa category, they can switch to that visa route, such as the Skilled Worker visa, Tier 2 visa, or any other relevant visa.

Application Process:

The application for the Graduate Route is typically done online. Applicants need to provide evidence of their UK qualification, proof of identity, and evidence of their current visa status.


You must apply before your current student visa expires and after you have received official confirmation that you have successfully completed your course.

Healthcare Surcharge:

As with other UK visas, applicants may need to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge as part of their visa application, which entitles them to access the National Health Service (NHS) during their stay in the UK.

The updated regulations for international students in the UK as of 2024 introduce noteworthy modifications, especially regarding dependents and post-graduation employment opportunities. Keeping abreast of these changes and planning accordingly is crucial to facilitate a seamless academic and post-academic journey in the UK.

Need Assistance?

Get more advice from our career advisors on working in the UK after you complete your studies. We are rated as the best UK student visa consultants in Pakistan for our credibility among students. Attention to detail is key for PSW, so we suggest students contact us to ensure requirements are met and documents are in order, paving the way for a successful transition to post-study life in the UK.


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