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Are you ready to start your global education career? We’re here to help you choose the right course & university and get access to a range of scholarships. Choose us as your foreign study consultancy for a better experience.

What is Studying Abroad?

Studying abroad is a dream for many students around the world. Unfortunately, many students are deceived by educational agents working in their country. Students are being promised something else, and when they arrive at their destinations, it’s a different story for them. Studying abroad is when a student leaves his home country and travels to other destinations for higher education.

If chosen by the right foreign study consultancy, studying abroad can open doors to innovative opportunities for students, providing them with cross-cultural learning and new dynamics of the world. Studying abroad can change your career portfolio and help you advance your work life. 

Study Abroad Trend in Pakistan

There has been an immense increase in the study-abroad trend in Pakistan in the last ten years due to economic and geopolitical factors. Countries like the UKUSACANADA, and AUSTRALIA are now in great demand among Pakistani students because of their easy entry requirements, scholarship options, easy visa requirements, and much more. 

Multiple top-ranked universities have given a special quota of scholarship pool to Pakistani students for their PG & UG scholarships. It’s a country-based scholarship, and you can be qualified for it when you apply. For instance, universities in the UK offer up to 5000 GBP straight scholarships to Pakistani students. 

How Does Studying Abroad Transform You?

  • You will experience new cultures and languages
  • You will meet the locals, which can make you feel at home 
  • Seeing the world with an entirely new perspective
  • Enhancing your academic profile with international work exposure
  • Internal growth by putting yourself in challenging situations


How to Find the Right Abroad Education Consultants?

Finding the correct and legitimate study abroad consultants in your home country is critical. It would help if you did proper research and background checks of that foreign study consultancy before initiating your admission process. 

ABN Overseas Education Pvt Ltd has been privileged to be the top choice of students in the last 13 years for being the Best Study visa consultants in Lahore. ABN has helped over 10,000 students realize their dreams and make education accessible to everyone. 

You should consider the following points when choosing the education consultant for you:

  1. Expertise & Experience matter. Always prioritize those with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the education industry. Search for professionals who can guide you better on diverse countries’ entry requirements and visa processes. An experienced consultant can provide you with solutions to your ambiguities. 
  • Transparency is the key. A two-way communication during your admission and visa process can be exceptionally comforting. Always choose a transparent and clear consultant on all the procedures during your admission process. A reliable consultant must be able to explain complex procedures. 
  • University & program portfolio. Any good foreign study consultancy will provide you with a range of diverse universities and programs to offer. They will have established a long-term good relationship with their partner universities, eventually showing their credibility. 
  • See their reviews. Before finalizing your foreign study consultancy, make sure that you go through their client testimonials and reviews on social media. It can provide you with valuable insights into their credibility and success rate. 

Scholarships for International Student

International universities come along with multiple and diverse scholarship options for international students. Studying abroad can be challenging due to its high tuition fees, but various tuition fees and options are there to cater to this. 

Countries like the UK, AUS, CANADA, and the USA have their own government-funded scholarships for international students. It’s a merit-based scholarship awarded on a merit basis to deserving candidates from respective countries. Below are a few scholarships that can be accessible to international student based on their academic profile.

  • Chevening scholarships
  • The Fulbright Commission
  • Commonwealth scholarships
  • GREAT scholarships


How to Settle in for Studying Abroad

Do not worry! Your ABN counselor is always there to help you adjust to a new destination; that is why ABN is ranked as the number one study-abroad consultant in Pakistan.

You can always have a range of emotions when you arrive and try settling at a new place for a few years. Here are some tips we recommend for every international student to settle down. 

  • Get enough research about cultures and languages. Prepare yourself by reading articles about your destination’s history, food, places, etc. 
  • Step out of your comfort zone. Try local cuisines, initiate dialog with locals, and visit local parks and community centers for interaction with diverse people.
  • Meet new people. Feel free to try to speak with new people. You will eventually be excited and thrilled when you talk with people from different regions.