About Us

ABN is founded by a group of people having wide exposure to overseas education. ABN is one of the most specialized overseas educational consultancy services firm in Pakistan providing life stunning opportunities by connecting its students with the top-ranking educational institutions around the globe. ABN is also renowned for providing expert visa & informational guidance according to the respective high commission’s requirements and has the best reputation in securing maximum student visas.

We, counsel, refer, and process the applications of eligible students for placement in overseas colleges and universities, in return, they respond to the students of Pakistan with a view to encouraging cross-cultural dimensions in the field of education.


The prime objective of ABN is to enable students to compete successfully in other continents and to adopt productive roles in society as professionals and intellectuals.

ABN Overseas Education feels pride for being an innovative organization dedicated to the quality of education. Our mission is to provide quality and multifarious education consultancy services and training. ABN is a fast-growing foreign education consultant, its comprehensive approach allows clients access to the multiple areas where Counselors advise students on educational opportunities at top colleges and universities in the UK, CANADA, USA, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY, SWEDEN, HUNGARY, IRELAND, NEWZEALAND, MALAYSIA, TURKEY, CYPRUS, UAE  and assist them with admissions and career choices. ABN gives education consultancy services, guidance, and consultation on an individual basis to students which are free of cost moreover we give services through corresponding emails, telephones, SMS, and consultations with the respective manager through live call.

ABN - Education Consultancy Services

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