Everything you Need to Learn About Canada Student Visa from Pakistan

Canada has been an emerging destination for Pakistani students for ages. Students in Pakistan have been finding the right Canada student visa consultants for their studies. Students in Pakistan have picked Canada as their top priority to study and make life ahead. 

Factors such as affordable degree costs, flexible entry requirements, and a diverse number of scholarships have contributed greatly to making Canada a much more demanding destination among students from Pakistan. 

According to the recent student survey in 2023, this trend is expected to increase in the coming years as other popular destinations have opted for strict immigration policies for international students, whereas Canada, on the contrary, has made them soft and lenient. 

Applying for any study destination involves planning, decision-making, and a predefined roadmap so that the process goes smoothly and transparent. As a Pakistani student, you must undergo some basic steps to obtain a Canadian study visa. 

Identify Your Course:
Before applying and starting your application procedure, you must identify and finalize your intended university, course, and intake. These are the most important prerequisites every student must consider to make their process smooth. 
After finalizing your desired course and university, you must apply for admission through an official and approved education consultant available in Pakistan. 

Get Acceptance: 
To apply for a Canadian student visa, you must possess an acceptance letter or unconditional offer letter from your desired college or university. It is recommended that you always choose an approved institute recognized by the local government of Canada. 
ABN Overseas represents 100+ Canadian institutes as its official partner and is the only authorized Canada student visa. 

Complete Your Documents
As soon as you get your official acceptance letter from the university, start preparing your visa documents, which mainly include your financials, legal documents, and medical clearance certificates. A list of documents you will need for your Canadian study permit from Pakistan is as follows

  • IELTS Certificate
  • GIC Account Maintenance certificate of 20,000 CAD
  • Tuition fee payment proof
  • Complete upfront medical clearance certificate.
  • All academic degrees and transcripts
  • An affidavit of support from the applicant’s sponsor is the key document in which the sponsor states his financial capacity to sponsor the applicant and the applicant’s financial income, net worth, etc.
  • Employment letter (if applicable)
  • Income tax return and tax registration wealth tax documents
  • Police clearance certificate from a local police station. 

    Apply For Your Visa: 
    You can apply online by creating an account at IRCC and filling out the visa application form carefully. You must ensure that no error or wrong information is entered at this stage. Alternatively, you can also apply through a local visa application center in Pakistan. 

    Visa Application Fee:
     Furthermore, you need to pay the visa embassy fee, which is 150 CAD for Pakistani students. This fee can be paid through a credit card. This visa fee is completely non-refundable, even if IRCC refuses your visa application. The fees can be increased if you have taken additional services such as biometrics collection. 

    Hold On For The Outcome:
     After submitting your application, you need to wait for Canadian immigration authorities to access it and release their decision. It is recommended that you apply well before your course starting date to avoid late enrollment issues. 

The outcome of a visa application can vary from country to country. Applying through the SDS scheme, you may get your visa decision within 20-25 working days.

Now is The Moment To Start Your Study Journey With Us

The professional and experienced staff at ABN Overseas Education will guide and assist you in each step mentioned above for your Canadian study visa journey. We have been doing this for more than a decade now. As the Canada student visa consultants in Pakistan, we have been rated the most reliable career advisors. Let’s begin with a one-to-one appointment by contacting the contact details below.  


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