In-Depth Guidance On Your UK Study Visa Refusal

Visa refusals are no less than a nightmare for students who have planned and managed things for such a long period. However, do not worry; ABN Overseas Education has a background in aiding students in these circumstances.  

To study in the UK as a Pakistani student, you need to go through long and complex stages, starting from obtaining an unconditional offer letter, meeting conditions, clearing credibility interviews, biometrics, and visa filling. All this can made easier for you with official UK Student Visa consultants.

UK study visa refusals result from diverse factors. The immigration officer is simply not satisfied with the evidence you provided for your genuine entry to study in the UK as an international student.  

There are many reasons for UK student visa rejections, but here we will discuss a few of them, which are the most common among them.

Lack of Information About the Desired Course

  • What does the future degree offer, and what information and knowledge does it cover
  • How would the course be valuable, and what are the learning results
  • Course level, tuition fees, intakes, deadline.
  • Academic progression presented by the course
  • Possible career scenarios in the home country after course completion

Insufficient Funds To Sponsor Studies and Living

  • Not keeping the funds in your bank account for 28 days
  • Insufficient account balance as required by UKV

Lack of Communication Skills at the UKVI Interview

  • Unable to speak or communicate properly
  • Unable to satisfy the interviewee about incentives to return to home country

What Should You do After the UK Study Visa Rejection?

  1. Read refusal reason: The first and foremost thing to do right after your rejection email from UKVI is to carefully read and analyze the reasons mentioned in the refusal letter. See if the reasons stated are genuine and if there was no typo error or mistake on your part while filling in the UKVI application form. 
  2. Consult your career advisor: Do not panic right away. Your consultant, who has helped you secure your CAS letter and complete your UKVI visa application process, will get an appointment with him. ABN Overseas, your UK Student Visa consultants in Lahore, will surely help you settle your nerves and normalize. Listen to your career advisor and follow the next plan of action as he directs.
  3. Decide your track: After a one-to-one session with your career consultant, you must be relaxed and confident enough by now. Try to stay and think optimistically as you can. Think about the positive side. What if it’s only due to a typo error? Etc 
  4. Administrative Review: After consulting your career advisor and getting his consent, you may apply for an administrative review. This allows international students to re-appeal the UKVI about the visa application decision. 

When to apply for administrative review?

If you are outside the UK, you have 28 days to apply for an administrative review on your UKVI visa application. In an administrative review, your case will be handed over to a different case worker at UKVI. If the decision was made in error, it will be overturned, and your UK visa will be granted on priority. 

Applying for an administrative review involves a processing fee of 80 GBP. If your review is successful, your fee will be refunded to you safely. 

What if your administrative review is unsuccessful?

If your administrative review is unsuccessful, you can apply again with a new CAS. Make sure that you provide the refusal reason this time. It could be anything from a lower bank statement amount to bogus data provided. 

To get your UK study visa, you need to ensure that all documentation and information are accurate and valid. 

Getting a New CAS

You can not use the same CAS letter for two UKVI applications. In order to reapply, you need to obtain a new, amended CAS letter from your institute with the amended course starting date and other details on it. 

How Can We Help You?

The staff here at ABN Overseas Education has helped hundreds of students with their visa refusals with expert guidance and counselling. This is the reason we are rated the top experienced UK Student Visa consultants in Lahore for better knowledge. 


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