Study in UK

Looking for a top-notch education country that is rich in culture and possesses a great history for being a top choice for international students? Then, the UK is the best choice for you. With its unforgettable student experience and innovative teaching, the UK also possesses a pool of world ranked universities for international students. ABN feel’s honored to be the top choice for students as their UK student visa consultants in Lahore Pakistan
ABN Overseas Education Pvt Ltd is recognized as one of the leading UK Student Visa Consultants in Pakistan, assisting students in navigating the visa process smoothly and efficiently.

Why Study In The UK?

A UK degree in our portfolio gives you more than an academic experience which helps you in your real-world experiences. Wherever you go in the world, a UK education opens the door for your career and practical life ahead. 

  • Ranked universities. In UK you can find number of internationally ranked universities as compared to other destinations. It has the highest number of ranked institutes such as University of Cambridge, University of Oxford & Imperial College. Almost 111 ranked universities are based in UK
  • Education quality. The standard of education in UK has always been a center point attraction for international students. Various regulated bodies like OFS & QAA make sure that every institute in UK meets the quality of education. 
  • Independent learning. UK universities take more practical approach rather than lecture-based learning for international students. Students are expected to take a proactive role in learning and applying the skills on real world scenarios. This allows a deep understanding of your course which eventually benefits you in long term. 
  • Cultural diversity. UK is country where students and even residents are settled from different parts of the world. UK has been ranked as a top multicultural and secular country for international students. The diversity is reflected in every aspect from food, literature, arts, and music. 
  • No language barrier. One of the biggest challenges for any international student is the local language of that country. In UK, English is the official language and all the courses are being taught in English, making it easier for students from every part of the globe.

Average Tuition Fees in UK for International Students

The locals pay a different fee as compared to international students planning to study in UK. Tuition fees vary depending on the university and course.  The average tuition fees of undergraduate program in UK varies from 9000 GBP – 33,000 GBP. The average tuition fees of postgraduate program in UK varies from 7000 GBP – 36,000 GBP

Online study programs are much cheaper in UK as compared to on campus study mode. There are various options of distance learning programs where you can study and get a UK degree from your home country.

Working Hours Allowed in UK (Student Visa)

As per UKVI, a student is allowed to work 20 hours/week. Working more than the allowed hours can strictly affect your visa status resulting in canceling your study permit. 

Average wage rate in UK for international student around 13 GBP/ hour

Living Cost in UK for International Student

As per the UKVI, an average living cost for an international student in UK depends on the city you are living in. the living cost in London is different as compared to outside London. 

  • 1334 GBP per month for courses in London (9 months)
  • 1023 GBP per month for courses outside London (9 months)

If you have a student loan or a government sponsorship, you will need to submit the evidence while submitting your visa application in UKVI.

How to Apply for UK University?

Nearly all UK universities have their official representatives in each country. You can always contact their authorized agents for a better and sound admissions process. ABN Overseas Education Pvt Ltd is an official representative of UK universities for Pakistani students as their UK student visa consultants in Lahore Pakistan.

  1. Visit us with your complete academic & financial documents for better assessment
  2. Get course and university options from our expert counsellors
  3. Get registered with us and submit your documents
  4. Apply in any 3-4 UK universities and you will get your Offer letter within 3-4 working days. 

ABN Overseas Education Pvt Ltd promises you a fast turnaround time at each step of your UK admission process as we are directly engaged with our official partners in UK. Our success stories are spread worldwide and we are rated as best UK student visa consultants in Lahore Pakistan. 

Study in the UK to find a chance to stand out in the increasingly competitive jobs market. Undertake a work placement as part of your degree at the world-renowned institutes and get academic distinction along with the potential to face real-world challenges.

ABN consultants help international students with the process of getting into the top universities in the UK. We guide the aspirants with flexible scholarship programs, practical information and insights on UK education for international students and comprehensive details of the application process.

Fast-track your application process with us and study at your dream university in the UK.


ABN Overseas Education Pvt Ltd is proud to be one of the top UK student visa consultants in Pakistan, providing expert guidance and support for Pakistani students aiming to study in the UK.