GST (Genuine Student): A More Summarized Version

Due to recent events in 2023 concerning fake and bogus institutions sending non-genuine applicants to Australia, the Australian government has decided to reduce migration and make visa rules harder than before. 
Australia Student Visa Consultants in Pakistan have started putting a strong emphasis on GST requirements. Career advisors in Pakistan are now more focused on quality student recruitment.
The Australian High Commission has placed an additional safeguard for international students coming to Australia for genuine study purposes only. 

Fundamentally, the Australian government has swapped the traditional GTE with an updated GST policy in 2024 to accommodate the issue of non-genuine applicants coming to Australia.  This change may not be applied to students who have applied for their student visa before 23 March 2024

The Changes Under GS Requirements 

  1. Visitors will be allowed to stay for a short period now. This was a must, as non-genuine students used this in their favor a lot)
  2. Warnings are given to the riskiest education providers. They have six months to align, or their license will be canceled.
  3. Students now need higher English scores for visas. For student visas, its going from 5.5 IELTS to 6.0 IELTS. 
  4. The TGV/ Post Study Work Visas English test will be valid for one year only. 

To acquire an Australian student visa, you need to clear some basic and vital checks made mandatory by the Australian High Commission this year. This change took place in 2024 and has been in effect for Pakistani students since 23 March 2024. 
Students must consult official and recognized Australia Student Visa Consultants in Pakistan to prepare for GST and its requirements. 
Under GST, applicants must prove they meet the genuine student criteria to get an Australian student visa. The online visa application will include questions regarding the Genuine Student GS criteria. 

The GST Will Be Focusing On Questions As Mentioned Below

  • Explanation of why the applicant chose to study in Australia with a specific education provider, demonstrating an understanding of course requirements and life in Australia.
  • Explanation of how completing the degree will help the student in the long run.
  • Moreover, to provide any further information as deemed necessary.

All the answers to the above questions must be written within 150 words per question. The answers must be genuine and self-written. Copied or AI-generated answers may lead to your visa application in refused.


Before GTS, student intention of coming to Australia for study purposes was determined using GTE criteria. GTE was referred to as Genuine Temporary Entrant. The main objective of GTE was to analyze whether the student coming to Australia genuinely intended to study rather than residency. 
GTE analyzed how much students are aware of his/her programs and institutions. Moreover, GST now broadens the scope of determining the genuine intention of students coming to Australia. 

Advantages of GST

Fraud Prevention

GST provides strict guidelines that require students to demonstrate their genuine desire to study in Australia. GST only allows legitimate students to travel to Australia for study purposes. GTS is a potent hindrance against fake operations by increasing the evaluation criteria. 

Student Quality

GST draws top-tier students by strongly emphasizing English language requirements and student’s financial security. GST focuses on students who are completely aware and trained in their English language skills and have demonstrated strong financial status. 

These checks promote the recruitment of quality applicants and limit the students who don’t have genuine intentions to study. 

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