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Study in Malta: A Guide For Pakistani Students

Are you planning to study in Malta? Well, you are at the right place. Malta is an old country based on ancient and modern culture. A blend of historic mysteries and modern heritage. Its education system is becoming a top study destination for international students. Studying in Malta offers various opportunities for Pakistani students. Begin your study in Malta journey with study abroad consultants in Pakistan.  

Malta is filled with history. From the buildings of the Knights Templar to the Neolithic temples at Hagar Qim, there is so much to explore. 

Some Quick Facts About Malta:

Language English, Maltese

Population 500,000

International students 700+

Currency EURO 

Academic year Sep-June

Why Study in Malta?

  • No Language Barrier: If you’re concerned about linguistic barriers or wouldn’t feel comfortable learning another language, cheer! You don’t have to! English is an official language in Malta, broadly vocalized by almost all citizens. 
  • Affordability: Malta is a fairly inexpensive place to live and study. You will effortlessly be able to accommodate your living and education there. Generally, studying in Malta costs 2,000 to 9000 EUR per year. 
  • Diverse Learning Atmosphere: The Malta government allowed candidates from various backgrounds. They also add about minority groups, diverse languages, and cultures to their higher study curriculum. 

Average Cost Of Study in Malta

For UG & PG                     2000-6000 EURO/Year

Medical Degree              up to 13000 EURO/Year

MBA Degree                     up to 20000 EURO/Year

PhD Degree                      5000 EURO/Year

Cost of living in Malta

Cost of education and living in Malta is quite economical for Pakistani students as compared to other European countries. Malta is home to private and state-run public universities, which offer courses at economical tuition fees to international students.

Here is a rundown of all the major expenses you will incur living in Malta for a month.

Rent                                  700 EURO

House utilities               80 EURO

Transport                        26 EURO

Food                                 10-12 EURO

Internet                            20 EURO

Work While Studying in Malta.

Being a Pakistani student in Malta, you will need a work permit to generate income. Below are the details and procedures for an employment license in Malta. 

  1. The employer applies on your behalf. If changing jobs, students must apply for a new license with their employer.
  2. Non-EU/EEA students can start working at least three months after starting their studies.
  3. Your work permit will be valid for the duration of your contract and cannot exceed the duration of your student visa.
  4. You will have to pay 69,551 PKR for your work permit.
  5. You will be allowed to work 20 hours per week.

Major Intakes in Malta

Pakistani students can enroll in their chosen university through two intakes in Malta: The Autumn Intake or the Winter Intake. Get your profile accessed by top study abroad consultants in Pakistan for Malta. 

Since not all universities contribute to both intakes, it is crucial to confirm the availability of courses and universities for each intake.

·       October Intake in Malta – In Malta, October is the main intake as almost all universities participate in it. The deadline for this intake is July–August. So, students who wish to study in Malta can verify their course and university availability and apply for it. 

·       February Intake in Malta – Although the February intake in Malta is not a major intake, it is a great opportunity for those who missed the October intake. 

The application deadline is December or January for this intake. However, students need to know that not all universities participate in this intake, so they must check the availability of universities and courses before applying.

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