Scholarships For Pakistani Students In Turkey

Turkey is one of the fastest emerging economies in the world situated at the junction of the two continents i.e. Europe and Asia. This makes it an ideal location for students all over the world because of the cultural diversity. It is one of the beautiful countries in the world with stunning landscapes and historical sites to visit.

Also universities in Turkey make quality education affordable for everyone in both public and private sector. Students aspiring to study in Turkey can take advantage of the vast educational fields and detailed with state of the art laboratories at research universities student get a chance to explore their skills and be prepared for the practical world.

Universities In Turkey:

Universities in Turkey are famous all over the world for top quality education and research capabilities. Here’s a list of universities in Turkey for Pakistani students that offer scholarships:

  • Mimar Sinan University.
  • Mugla University.
  • Mustafa Kemal University.
  • Near East University (Cyprus)
  • Nigde University.
  • Okan University.
  • Anasayfa Dicle (Tirgris) University.
  • Dogus University.

Scholarships For Pakistani Students In Turkey:

Pakistan has a healthy diplomatic relationship with Turkey. The effect of this relationship is evident in different sectors but the major contribution can be seen in the education sector. Turkish Government provide a number of fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students in Turkey in both public and private sector universities. Turkish government( Turkiye Burslari) scholarship for Pakistani students is one of the most commendable effort for the well being of Pakistani students.

This scholarship helps students to explore the new horizons of education regardless of their financial status. Once the students get the scholarship, the cost of education and living is covered by the Turkish government. The motive behind providing these scholarships is to promote diversity and enhance sentiment of empathy and brotherhood between the two countries.

What Is Covered In The Scholarship?

The benefits that the students can reap from the scholarship are mentioned as follow:

  1. House Allowance:

The scholarship cover the expenses of living of the student providing a chance to live in a standard place.

  1. Tuition Fee Waver:

The Turkey university scholarship for Pakistani students is fully funded hence the students are exempted from paying the tuition fee.

  1. Health Insurance:

Health care can be costly for students studying abroad. Fortunately this is not the case for students availing the scholarship as it also covers the health expenses of the student.

  1. Travel Expenses:

The students are granted air fare in the scholarship. Moreover they are provided with a card which can be used to get subsidized fares while travelling within the country.

Language Requirements for Pakistani Students:

Learning Turkish Language is mandatory for students availing the scholarship. Here are the conditions that must be taken into account while applying for the scholarship:

  • The students must undertake one year Turkish language course
  • The student must have attained a fluency in the language up to a certain level

How to Apply for Turkish University Scholarship for Pakistani Students:

The following set of documents needs to be prepared by Pakistani students in order to submit their application online:

  • Diploma Grade
  • Average Grades
  • High School Graduation
  • University Entrance Exam Grade
  • CGPA
  • Letter of intent
  • International Test Score

Eligibility Rules:

  • There is no age relaxation in the Turkey scholarship program
  • The year of birth of the students applying for undergraduate degree in a Turkish scholarship program should be 1998 and onwards.
  • For Master’s degree the candidate born in 1989 and onwards are preferred.
  • For Ph.D. scholarships, the required date is January 1984.
  • For the Research program, the age of the applicant must be over 46.
  • Turkish citizens or people who have already acquired Turkish citizenship are not eligible for the scholarship.


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