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Dubai is quickly growing in popularity as a destination for students pursuing higher education in the UAE. Numerous elite colleges from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe have begun to establish satellite campuses in Dubai. In addition, Dubai provides a remarkable standard of living and a distinctive international fusion of cultures. Dubai is a very desirable study destination because of its proximity to Pakistan. You will gain the global exposure that is an essential component of any foreign educational experience thanks to the multicultural atmosphere.

Study in Dubai Requirements for Pakistani Students

Nearly all of Dubai’s colleges and universities accept students with various educational backgrounds and qualifications. This indicates that they accept applications from all students and provide scholarships for a variety of programmes at their renowned colleges. The minimum requirements to apply at any University of Dubai should be understood by foreign students who are seeking a Postgraduate or undergraduate programme.

All applicants must possess a school/college transcript that is accepted in both their home country and Dubai in order to be considered. International institutions with branches in Dubai require students to have credentials that are equivalent to those in their home country. For instance, Murdoch University in Dubai requires admission requirements that are equivalent to the academic requirements for a three-year bachelor’s degree in Australia. It does not, however, imply that the degree must be from Australia.

Important Documents Required – Academic data, Passport, University Acceptance, Bank Statement (In some cases).

Study in Dubai Cost for Pakistani Students

The institution and the program that a student enrolls in are two variables that affect the cost of studying in Dubai. For a master’s program, students should be ready to spend approximately 42,000 AED (PKR 2,501,199) and for an undergraduate program, 33,586 AED (PKR 2,000,000). Additionally, students can apply for scholarships to be enrolled in one of the many colleges in Dubai.

Accommodation cost – The majority of educational institutes provide accommodation packages. However, students who rent privately must pay a monthly rent of about PKR 172,000 and an additional PKR 25,000 for utilities.

Study in Dubai scholarships – Different Institutes offer different percentages of scholarships. However, to study in Dubai for free or with a fully funded scholarship, you’ll need a very good score along with a very strong CV. Study in Dubai consultants at ABN Overseas Education can help you get about 20-30 percent scholarship.

Dubai Study Visa for Pakistani Students

For international students in Dubai to obtain a visa, there are certain guidelines and procedures to follow. A country resident normally needs to sponsor a student if they want to obtain a permit. Students can obtain an academic visa, and this service is provided by many universities. Students must understand that sponsorship does not ensure admission, nevertheless. Additionally, the cost of the application can cost somewhere around 3000 AED. Students must have a number of documents in order to apply for their visas, including a passport, a signed agreement, and 12 passport photos.

Life in Dubai for Pakistani Students

Studying in Dubai offers the benefit of simultaneous access to international campuses of renowned universities and work prospects inside a thriving economy. Institutions in Dubai feature linkages with foreign institutions, a large selection of programs that fit your academic goals, and top-notch learning facilities.

In addition to being a city of superlatives, Dubai is also home to 200 man-made islands of all shapes. Dubai always offers sights to amaze you on the weekends and after classes, whether we’re talking about mansions, malls, desert landscapes, or beaches. A seven-star hotel, camels, and even the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure that is double the height of New York’s Empire State Building, can all be found in Dubai. Shopping is a popular pastime in Dubai, a city that is also full of commercial hubs. The Dubai Mall, the largest facility of its sort in the world, has an indoor amusement park, an ice rink, and an aquarium with an underwater zoo. Life in Dubai for Pakistani students would be nothing but a great adventure!


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